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A Secure, Confidential Place

Let’s face it- most leaders are lonely. You need a place where you can be real and share how things really are. You need a place to share your problems, challenges, and opportunities in a non-judgmental, safe, and confidential environment- with people who “truly get it.”

Best Practices

Wise leaders learn from others. Share what is working for you – and enjoy the value of others doing the same for you.

Proven Content

Truth At Work has developed over 10 years of proven cutting edge content to help Christians in business grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Building a Biblically Based Business

Learn how to build your company/organization on proven biblical principles and practices, and how to integrate your faith in the way you interact with employees, customers, vendors, and competitors.

Christian Business Peer Advisory Group

Experience the power and value of a group of your Christian business peers- all committed to helping each other grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. The average Truth At Work Round Table group has over 200 years of combined experience in a variety of business disciplines. Their input will provide thousands of dollars of value to you- and challenge you to grow in all areas of your life.

Succeeding in business is tough.

One wrong decision can be very costly.

It’s common to feel alone as you make tough decisions related to managing and building your business.

Truth At Work understands that you need a place to get recharged, redirected and refocused.

You need a safe and confidential place to talk about your personal and business challenges, a place where you can get real answers to real problems, from people who understand you.

Goal Setting/Accountability

Each month Round Table Member commits to accomplishing (at a minimum) 1 Personal, 1 Business, and 1 Spiritual goal to complete prior to the next monthly meeting. On average Members accomplish a minimum of 36 goals as a direct result of participating in the Round Table.


Participants study relevant and current content designed to equip them to live and lead at a higher level. We have developed over 150 content sessions on a wide variety of business, leadership, and personal development topics that are critical for today’s Christian in business.

Round Table Discussion

Participants have the opportunity to present current and pressing business and personal challenges, opportunities, and issues to the group for godly counsel, advice, and input. The typical Round Table Group has a combined over 200 years of experience- thus providing a godly “board of advisors ” that provides priceless insight and wisdom.

Featured Member Presentation

In each monthly meeting, one Round Table Member is the “featured” Member- where he/she presents a personal “state of the union” report to the group. Each Member is featured one time per year. In the presentation, the featured Member provides an in-depth overview of what is important in his/her personal/business/spiritual life, and receives input, encouragement, and advice on how to grow in each key area.

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