Bottom Line Faith Podcast

Bottom Line Faith Podcast

The program profiles the leadership of some of America’s top Christian CEOs, business owners, corporate executives, athletic coaches and personalities, authors, and thought leaders.


Truth At Work Conference 2020

Truth At Work Conference 2020

Truth At Work Conference 2020


A national conference streamed to locations throughout America designed to equip a generation of godly leaders to impact the marketplace for Christ.


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Exceptional brands begin with the character of Christian business owners and leaders making decisions with an eternal perspective. Our members say that they are better prepared for the rigors of the marketplace – and enjoy more peace, confidence and certainty.


We consistently meet them wherever they are on their personal, professional and spiritual journeys – year by year. Offering a helping hand, in Biblical community, when and where it’s needed most.

Truth At Work Evotionals


We hope this 2-minute video will add value to your week by helping you live out your faith in the marketplace and grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

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