Start a Round Table

Are you ready to launch a community of Christian business leaders seeking to impact the marketplace for Christ? 

Become a Truth At Work Chapter President

A Chapter President is a gospel-centered business leader on mission, leading the charge to build and facilitate peer advisory groups of Christian business leaders, called Round Tables, within their community. They serve as coaches and mentors as they support and equip their members to confidently lead their organizations with proven biblical principles and values. A Chapter President sees the opportunity for marketplace ministry to impact their community and helps their members develop their own visions to use business as missions.  

Are you: 

  • A seasoned business leader who is ready to invest in the next generation of leaders? 

  • A kingdom-minded business leader who wants to finish well in their career by pursuing significance over success? 

  • A natural coach, mentor, and developer of others? 

  • A leader who wants to have an eternal impact on your local community through marketplace ministry? 

If you answered “yes” to these questions, we would love to talk to you about becoming a Chapter President and starting a Round Table in your community! 

The Value of Becoming a Chapter President

Hear from six current Chapter Presidents on how this role has impacted their lives!

Chapter President FAQ

Q: What experience is required for becoming a Chapter President?

A: Chapter Presidents are seasoned business leaders or former pastors with significant leadership experience and a passion for using business as missions. They have significant experience with leading teams, coaching others, and impacting change within organizations. It’s also imperative that our Chapter Presidents are Christian leaders who can facilitate conversations and advise others on how to incorporate Christian principles and truths into their businesses. 

Q: Can I continue to lead in my business while being a Chapter President?

A: Yes, Truth At Work does not require you to divest of any other business or ministry interest.

Q: Do I have to currently lead a business to be a Chapter President?

A: No, but business leadership is helpful in the role. 

Q: What sized companies are involved with Truth At Work?

A: Businesses of all sizes are welcome at Truth At Work! Companies range from start-ups, all the way to large organizations with $180M in annual revenue.  However, most companies range in the $2M to $5M with 5-20 employees.

Q: Do I have to recruit my own members?

A: Yes, but Truth At Work offers world-class training and marketing tools to assist you in building your Round Tables.

Q: Will I be trained on how to facilitate my Round Table?

A: Yes, we provide a three-day initial training to ensure that you have all the skills needed to be successful in this ministry.

Q: How much time will I need to commit to being a Chapter President?

A: It takes 10-15 hours per week to launch a Round Table, but only 10-15 hours per month to maintain and care for members. 

Q: Does this role include financial compensation?

Yes, this is a contracted 1099 role and determined by membership dues. We’ll walk you through these details as part of our onboarding process.