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Each month covers very relevant material that can help you run your business more effectively. You will see how much Truth At Work will help manage your time and lead a more rewarding life, professionally, personally and spiritually.


We are all familiar with the importance of setting goals. A Goal is something you can set and accomplish with hard work and focused effort, but Truth At Work is different. You will be challenged to set different kinds of goals – BHAGS Big Hairy Audacious God-sized Goals. BHAGs require a supernatural act of God in order to happen. A BHAG does not depend upon your work ethic, you figuring out how to do something or putting a plan in place to make it happen. When a BHAG comes true, God and God alone gets the credit and glory for it.

At the beginning of each new 12-month cycle of a Truth At Work Round Table, members set their BHAGs for the next 12 months, along with the top three to five personal, business & spiritual goals they want to focus on for the next year.



The Truth At Work Round Table segment on Making Biblically Based Decisions discusses balancing the concept of Servanthood and Stewardship. In that curriculum, the following definitions were offered as it relates to business:

Servanthood: placing the needs and desires of another individual above your own or that of your company. Stewardship: being faithful to maintain good overall performance (financial, strategical, efficiencies, etc.) on behalf of your organization. Sometimes this means you must make a difficult decision that has negative consequences for an individual or small group, in order to maximize what is best for a larger group (company) as a whole.


Imagine living life and leading your business in a way that leverages these twelve words: nothing to lose, nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to fear.

How would your family and marriage look different? What would your interaction with coworkers, customers, and competitors look like? Answer the following questions and share your answers with your round table group at the next meeting.


In the following pages, we’re going to look at the practical implications of integrating one’s faith into the marketplace. This is an ongoing topic in our Truth At Work groups, and one that is not always filled with easy, clear-cut answers. It is an issue that requires life-long study and learning.

The purpose of our Truth At Work groups is to equip and encourage each of our participants to wrestle through the issues of owning and operating a business to the glory of our Lord Jesus. These issues are tough, and it is often not clear what to do in a given situation.

It is a misnomer to think that just because one is attempting to follow the Lord and apply the Scriptures in life and business, the answers will always be clear, easily understood, and straightforward.