When You Feel Like Quitting with Ron Sciarro

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On today’s Bottom Line Faith, Ray travels to the headquarters of Aqua-Tots to visit with their co-founder, Ron Sciarro. Ron’s story takes us from his plan of being a firefighter to reaching people around the world with the Scriptural values he and his team members live out on a daily basis.
Tom Pace started PaceButler Corporation in 1987. He currently serves as the CEO of PaceButler, MentorHope Publishing, and World Book Bank, Inc. He is a popular author and business mentor, helping people be successful in their business and personal lives.
“Let’s not just be quick to listen, but let’s be careful who we’re listening to.”
“The ‘stop’ list is almost harder to do than the list to do.”
“Doing good business is maintaining good relationships.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Hard is not bad, but it is hard.
2. The trial is the blessing that produces the perseverance and the character.
3. How to distinguish between core values and good suggestions.
4. Make sure your leadership team is in alignment.
5. God honors transparency and humility.

  • Staci | Jul 9, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    Nice interview. Thank you! I like your core values. I love that you post them for all employees and customers to see, and I thank you for putting it on your website, so I can grab it.

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