The Grace and Lace Story with Rick and Melissa Hinnant

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Rick and Melissa Hinnant share their incredible story of overcoming personal tragedy, the “accidental business” that emerged in the aftermath, their record-breaking appearance on the hit TV show “Shark Tank”, and the world-changing mission that propels their business forward.
Rick and Melissa Hinnant were married in 2007. After a tragic miscarriage in 2010, Melissa began sewing and knitting to pass the time as she recovered in the hospital. Melissa began sewing blankets, baby clothes, and socks with lace inserts and at Rick’s recommendation, sold them online.
Their business grew exponentially, and in 2013 they were featured on the show, Shark Tank. Within the five days after their episode aired, their business, Grace and Lace, achieved over $1 million in sales, a Shark Tank record. The business has continued to grow over the years into a multi-million dollar women’s apparel company, featured on many television and news networks.
“Don’t waste your pain, but let your pain transform you.”
“To just work, work, work, work and not take time for your own heart…can be really detrimental in the long run.”
Key Takeaways:
1. You must choose to overcome.
2. Will you hold to what God told you?
3. You don’t have to segment the areas of your life.
4. It’s ok to lean into the different seasons of your life.
5. Don’t waste your pain, but let your pain transform you.

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