Seeing Work as Worship with Brian Mosley

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In the summer of 1998, Brian Mosley filmed a documentary about a missionary team living in a remote part of Tanzania for the sake of the Gospel. This was the start of a lifelong desire to serve God in ministry.
Brian started RightNow Ministries in 2000 under the wing of a media ministry called Bluefish TV that had been creating video resources for the church since 1977. RightNow combined the media creativity of Bluefish TV and a passion for helping people put their faith into action. RightNow Media is challenging the church to be bold. Their team is committed to serving the church so that millions of people can be unleashed on mission for Christ.
Brian graduated from Baylor University and then married his high school sweetheart, Julie. He serves as an elder at Allen Bible Church.
On today’s show, Ray travels to McKinney, Texas to speak with Brian Mosley, President of rightnow Media. Brian shares unique perspectives on the challenges of leading as an introvert, the importance of consistency for your team, and seeing your work as worship.
“It’s not up to us to do what God wants to do through us.”
“Consider others before self; Christ above all.”
“Not everyone has a pastor; almost everyone has a boss.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Pay attention to the transitions – they are the biggest opportunities for mistakes
2. Inspect what you expect
3. Create consistency for your team
4. Influence comes through the people you’re working with
5. You don’t have to prove yourself to other people because it’s not about you.

  • Charlie Haines | Jun 26, 2019 at 10:54 pm

    Really enjoyed the display of humble, servant leadership. It was inspiring.

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