Coming Out of the False Identity with David Lowry

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Ray Hilbert visits with David Lowry, owner and CEO of DL Lowry Salon in Indianapolis. David shares his story of pain and brokenness, abuse and shame, and how discovering his true identity in Christ led to the healing and redemption that allows him to impact his employees and clients on a daily basis.
David Lowry is the owner of DL Lowry Salon in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has been the CEO since 1994 and the salon is a multi-million dollar, award-winning establishment. David and his team travel the globe to find a broader understanding of the current styles, trends and techniques. They provide education to all staff members, which allows stylists to continue learning the newest things, so they can apply it to their guests.
David’s book, Coming Out: Emerging from Shame and Confusion, Opening the Door to Light and Love was released July 2018.
“Jesus is not ashamed of your pain.”
“It’s just not about your creativity, it’s about your ability to touch someone’s life.”
“It wasn’t all about having a relationship as much as it was ‘Who am I.'”

Key Takeaways:
1. You have to be able to serve to be able to lead
2. Your interaction with a client may alter their life forever.
3. Your source of identity determines the course of your life.
4. How to battle the shame of the mistakes you’ve made.
5. The most effective way to share your faith in the workplace.

  • Jim Lange | Jun 7, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    Wow, extremely powerful! Thanks for sharing!

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