Becoming a World Leader in Christian Entertainment with Michael Scott

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Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott joins Ray to talk about his early interest in media, how Pure Flix nearly failed before it started and the importance of impact over personal ambition.
As managing partner and CEO of Pure Flix, Michael Scott has produced more than 40 movies worldwide and has helped the company become the largest faith and family movie production and distributor in the world.
The son of a pastor, Scott began his career as a professional photographer, eventually producing national advertising spots and print work for all the major auto manufacturers.
In 2005, he, Russell Wolfe, and David A. R. White founded Pure Flix. After a string of successful theatrical releases, Scott in 2015 helped launch, a subscription-video on demand service that provides consumers streaming faith and family entertainment. By 2017, has become the largest streaming service of its kind in the country.
“Once you’re praying, and the Word’s inside you, you can then be a reflection of that out to the community.”
“Ambition is great, but don’t lose sight of the Creator.”
“What are you doing to proclaim your faith to the world?”
Key Takeaways:
1. Have the right people around you.
2. Do everything you can then leave it in God’s hands.
3. Be in the Word of God daily.
4. You constantly need to be learning and pushing yourself.

As faith-based leaders in the marketplace, we face a real and ongoing tension of leading, working, and living with an eternal perspective. All while needing to produce tangible results in the here and now.
Join us at the Annual Truth At Work Conference on November 8th, 2019, as Michael Scott and other national thought leaders equip us with best practices for integrating faith and work.


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    Great testimony. I am blessed by this broadcast. Thank you so much.

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