Proverbs 11:25 says that “A generous man will prosper; that he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”

In your work or business, are you feeling a little tired or run down, perhaps even a little bit discouraged?

Hey, we’ve all been there- feeling like there is just nothing left in the tank.

We have also all heard that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.”

I have found that in my own life, when I am most frustrated or discouraged is when I am primarily concerned about me and what is going on in my life.

But every time that I stop focusing on myself, and I begin to invest in others, I suddenly get a surge of energy and a sense of hope and encouragement.

Now if you need a good dose of encouragement, maybe you could schedule some time serving in a local food pantry or helping those who are less fortunate.

Perhaps you could take an afternoon to visit the children in the hospital or just spend some time at a local nursing home talking with those citizens who are mostly forgotten.

You will be amazed at how much this energizes you.

Remember that in business, and in life, by being generous -you will prosper.

If you will focus on meeting the needs of others – you’ll see that your needs get met as well.

By lavishly serving your customers and giving them more than they expect-you’re going
to prosper.

And by caring for your employees and making your business a great place to work-they’re going to help you succeed.

And by paying your vendors on time- and being a great partner to them- they will be there for you when you need them.

Focus your time and energy on serving people- meeting their needs first.

You see when you do this; you will be applying the Truth at Work!

Application questions:

  1. What does this message say to you?
  2. What things could you do that energize you and allow you to “give back”?
  3. In what ways do you feel that you are generous and in what ways could you be more generous?
  4. How can you focus on the needs of others?