When God Disrupts Your Plans with Ward Brehm

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On today’s show, author and humanitarian Ward Brehm shares his story of empowering the poor peoples of Africa through free enterprise, the hard lessons he learned about dependence from his earliest efforts, and the powerful distinction between bringing Jesus to the region instead of “Christianity.”
Ward Brehm is a former Twin Cities business owner, author, and international leader in African humanitarian efforts. He has served three US Presidents as Chairman of the US African Development Foundation in Washington DC. Ward was also awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal, the 2nd highest civilian award, for his work in Africa by President George W. Bush.
Ward is a member of the USAID Advisory Board and The Council on Foreign Relations. He is also the founder of Asili, a disruptive innovation in Eastern Congo, delivering clean water and quality health care using a for profit business model.

Ward has written 4 books including Bigger Than Me.
“Thankfulness trumps every other emotion there is.”
“The key to success in business is being relational vs. transactional.”
“Everybody has to win or it’s no deal.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Giving people things doesn’t work.
2. If you want to eat for a lifetime, you need to “own the pond.”
3. Invite people to take part. Don’t sell.
4. Live one day at a time. Be thankful in all circumstances.
Bigger Than Me by Ward Brehm

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