Walking in Obedience when You Don’t Know the Way with Heather Wilson

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Entrepreneur and super-mom, Heather Wilson, joins Ray to discuss, obedience, loving the unlovable, and rooting your identity in Christ. Heather is the co-founder of Christian crowd-funding ministry,
Heather Wilson is a wife, mother and the Co-founder/CMO of Throughout Heather’s life she has found success everywhere she has placed her foot.
From founding/leading her recent startup the worlds largest crowdfunding platform for Christians, to being a mother to 10 children (5 her own, and 5 foster) Heather has successfully navigated the many challenges of life and come out on top.
Despite any value of the accomplishments of her life, Heather believes that the most important thing she can leave behind in this world, is a legacy of a life defined not by the work she did, but by the work Jesus did through her. 
Heather is passionate about people. She wants to see people grow in their walk with the Lord and live a life that is a great story of how awesome God is. Everyone has experienced fundraising to raise money for a cause, or charity. With GiveSendGo, Heather and her team introduce a platform for not just raising funds to get more money, but raising funds to share Hope in the world. 
“Until you’re put in the position where you love somebody that is unlovable… you don’t really understand the sacrifice God made for us.”
“Do not let your identity be wrapped up in what you’re doing.”
“I am responsible for obeying God today, and God will be responsible for the outcome”
Key Takeaways:
1. The first step is the scariest.
2. We are called to be a light in a dark world wherever we are.
3. When you’re obedient, outcomes don’t matter.
4. Do your due diligence on your business partners.
5. “Humility is not a weakness.”

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