Peter Demos speaks about the restaurant industry and how in the midst of COVID-19, thankfulness and faith can still be present.

Peter Demos entered the family restaurant business at the age of 12, starting as a dishwasher at his dad’s Western Sizzlin’ restaurant. After earning his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, Peter decided his passion was only fully engaged in the exhilarating world of the food industry. Peter Demos is the President of Demos Brands, a chain of brands in the restaurant food industry. As his experience as a restauranteur grew, he became President for the Tennessee Hospitality Association.

In addition to exceptional service and heritage, handmade dishes, his restaurants operate with a mission-oriented approach to training and operating that is radically different in the fast-paced food industry. Peter is the author of Afraid to Trust, and a popular speaker inspiring business owners and people of all walks of life to lead with courage and purpose.

“Part of our strategy is to be thankful all the time.”
“You still have to be obedient during these times regardless of what you want to do.”
“If you’re willing to die for your country, why are you afraid to speak up for God?”
“Everything that comes in your mind has to be praiseworthy.”

Key Takeaways:
1. Be thankful and trust.
2. Layoffs while showing Christ.
3. When you’re in the spotlight.

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Afraid to Trust