Liesel Mertes speaks about the importance of empathy in the workplace and the underlying need for businesses to provide more than just a place for their employees to work.

Liesel Mertes is a workplace empathy consultant and Founder of Handle With Care. Liesel empowers forward-thinking companies to support employees with empathy and compassion as they experience disruptive life events. Liesel is a speaker, writer, consultant, and host of the Handle With Care podcast.

“We spend more waking hours at work than we do at home.”
“Our area of strength is also something the enemy wants to twist to dysfunction.”
“Right now companies are in a war to retain talent.”
“We serve an empathetic God.”

Key Takeaways:
1. What is an empathetic workplace?
2. How does a person in crisis process what they are going through?
3. How to deal with a business that doesn’t demonstrate empathy.
4. The difference between a disruptive event and a life inconvenience.
5. What employers can do to help their employees who are in crisis.