The Hidden Agenda of Digital Media with Todd Gongwer

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On today’s show, Ray is joined by author and leadership expert, Todd Gongwer. Todd is passionate about shaping the heart of leadership through his company, Kardia Transformation Group, and he and Ray tackle the issues facing young people who will become tomorrow’s leaders.
Few leadership experts get to work with current NCAA National Champions in football and basketball simultaneously, but Todd regularly speaks to Clemson University football and Virginia University basketball teams, working closely with their head coaches. In addition to these opportunities, Todd travels the country as a sought-after speaker and author, addressing numerous high-profile universities, sports organizations, and businesses.
“Live your life in alignment with your ultimate purpose.”
“God loves you; He made you for relationships. Don’t ever pursue anything at the expense of those relationships, first with Him, and then with others.”
“The number one constraint to love is an unwillingness to forgive.”
Key Takeaways:
1. The most foundational aspect of leadership is purpose.
2. Don’t underestimate your influence.
3. Leadership applies to all of us.
4. Success is an other-centered thing.
5. Be intentional to surround yourself with people.
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