The Heart-Led Leader with Tommy Spaulding

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New York Times Bestselling Author Tommy Spaulding joins Ray to discuss his unlikely ascension to CEO of a multinational non-profit organization, along with his premature resignation and the life-changing wisdom and perspective he’s gained in the years that followed.
Tommy Spaulding is the Founder & President of Tommy Spaulding Companies, a leadership development, speaking, training, and executive coaching firm based in Denver, Colorado. A world-renowned speaker on leadership, Spaulding has spoken to hundreds of organizations, associations, educational institutions, and corporations around the globe.
His books, It’s Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader have reached the top of the New York Times bestselling list.
Spaulding rose to become the youngest President & CEO of the world-renowned leadership organization, Up with People. In 2000, Tommy founded Leader’s Challenge, which grew to become the largest high school civic and leadership program in the state of Colorado. He is the Founder & President of the Global Youth Leadership Academy as well as the National Leadership Academy, a leading national non-profit high school leadership development organization.
“Leadership is a choice.”
“I don’t believe you can truly love and serve other people until you love and serve yourself.”
“The greatest servant leaders truly love themselves because they know who they are in Christ.”
Key Takeaways:
1. You can be a self-serving leader or a servant leader.
2. Listen and learn from critics, but don’t run with them.
3. Leaders make tough decisions that reflect their values.
4. The greatest leaders bring their heart to work.
5. Jesus was no pushover. He demanded excellence. He had boundaries.
6. When you truly love someone and they’re in the wrong role, you find a way to get them in the right place.
7. Be careful of fear. Fear is a liar.

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