Liz Becerra speaks about her experience working in finances and the challenge of helping businesses in accounting through a faith-based perspective.

Liz Becerra began working at Financial GPS as an accountant and data analyst where she crunched numbers and assisted small business owners with their money management. She was able to move up the ranks and become CRO where she managed a team of accountants and focus more on client relations, streamlining processes and content development.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Liz brings in new business for the company while creating online tools for business owners and leaders to better understand their numbers.

“We don’t always know where a conversation will take us.”
“They’re human beings not just another client.”
“We want to be successful, but what is success?”
“I want crowns, not worldly trophies.”

Key Takeaways:
1. Don’t just reach out when the house is on fire; make it a routine to asses the numbers.
2. Always be open to the conversation God wants you to have.
3. What you do in your personal life at home will also manifest in your business.