In this episode, Jeff Jerina speaks about the importance of sharing your faith in the marketplace.

As an author, speaker, evangelist, pastor, and Founder and host of Men Unplugged, Jeff Jerina, has a passion for reaching others for Christ, equipping believers to do the same, and helping men succeed in every aspect of life.

Men Unplugged is a Christ-centered talk show and resource where Jeff chats with top Christian leaders each week. Jeff is the author of Faith Without Fear: How to Share What You Believe with Confidence and Power and Ten Steps to Power and Purpose, a practical guide for finding and living your true purpose. In addition to the books, he also offers an online course and coaching, and speaks around the country.

“Sharing the Gospel is easy… when we understand our role and we understand the Lord’s role.”

Key Takeaways:
1. How I see myself.
2. Your purpose may not be a profit.
3. Faith without Fear.
4. Above all else, flee.