Into the Lion’s Den with Vip Vipperman

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Ray sits down with Vip Vipperman to talk about his career as a missionary in China, his drastic transition to the international real estate market, his continuing love for the Chinese people, and the incredible ways he is impacting the world of kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and investors through an organization called The Lion’s Den.
Vip Vipperman is a bilingual business leader with a successful track record in the local and international environment. Vip’s team raised $160M from overseas for investment in USA real estate projects.
Vip facilitated training for over 2,000 leaders, and is the co-founder of a nationally recognized pitch competition called The Lion’s Den DFW that pairs investors with entrepreneurs. 
“The Lord will be faithful to you; do your best to be faithful to Him.”
“There’s people like you struggling with what you’re struggling with.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Savor your daily time with the Lord.
2. There’s plenty of opportunities; you have to start looking.
3. The ecosystem is much bigger than you think it is.
4. There are people like you struggling with what you struggle with.
5. Get up and get started.
6. Just do something.

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