1:40– About Pureflix Entertainment
4:15– Why is the work of Pureflix so important in our culture today?
7:26– What does a typical day as COO of Pureflix look like?
9:57– I little about my business background
17:14– What was the hardest time to integrate your faith into your career?
24:14– A word of encouragement
28:04– What advice do you wish someone would have given to you at the start of your career?
29:59– A final word of advice
30:51– The 4:23 Question
Steve Fedyski is a visionary senior executive, entrepreneur, and inspirational motivational speaker who has spent his career helping leaders and organizations grow. Steve is responsible for overseeing day-to-day global operations for Pure Flix Entertainment–the world’s leading production and distribution company that offers faith-based and family friendly content.
Steve holds a degree in Psychology from Baldwin-Wallace College and a graduate degree in Business/Finance from the University of Memphis. Previously, Steve served as President & CEO of Pinnacle Forum, held senior executive positions for Fortune 100 firms like Kraft, and was Founder/CEO of Vibrant Consulting Group. Steve has also received multiple national sales, marketing, and leadership awards. Steve has been married to his wife Tracy for 33 years and they have two adult married children and four grandchildren.
Full Transcript:
Ray: Hello everyone, this is Ray Hilbert. I am your host here at Bottom Line Faith and we would like to welcome you to today’s program. If this is your first time catching an episode here at Bottom Line Faith, welcome to the show. Our guest today on the program–I am really excited every once in a while I get to interview and I don’t mean to say old friend as an but an old friend as in years of relationship. Folks on the call with us today is Steve Fedyski. Steve is the chief operating officer of PureFlix entertainment calling in from Scottsdale, Arizona today, Steve Welcome to Bottom Line Faith!
Steve: Ray. So good to be with you. Thanks for having me on. Excited to be connected with you, my dear friend.
Ray: Well, you know, Steve, you have just been such a gracious, gracious man, I was in your home a few years ago, you were kind enough to host me there as I was in the area for some other business and you’ve had an amazing career and your walk with Christ is truly an encouragement to me and so let’s jump right in. Steve, why don’t you tell us and our listeners a little bit about PureFlix, entertainment, I’ll bet it’s a company that people are perhaps more familiar with, and they might even recognize. What’s PureFlix all about?
Steve: Yeah, so PureFlix is the world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media. So, we’ve taken out about 100 movies worldwide. Our vision is always been from day one in 2005, when it was founded, to influence the global culture for Christ through media. And we’ve done that first by serving directed DVD movies. And later in 2010, 11 and 12, we started doing theatrical films. And then after really honing our craft, and building a worldwide network, we actually launched a film called God’s Not Dead, and God’s Not Dead was the number one independent film in the entire world. And from that success of God’s Not Dead it’s gone on to do well over 100 million dollars worldwide box office. We started in reinvesting that success back into the business to build a foundation for extraordinary growth, of bringing more films of faith and family to bring more people to Christ.
So, that’s what we’ve done and where we were the last few years. PureFlix is done two other significant things that I think are going to be instrumental for future impact and influence. Number one, we launched a streaming platform called pureflix.com and very, very shortly the Lord blessed that company, a separate entity to be the number one streaming platform for faith and family content in the entire world. So now we can serve theatrical through DVDs and then of course, now streaming, there’s about 8000 pieces of content there. You can go on for 30 day free trial, and then subscribe to when God lead you, if you’re impressed by it. So. And then the last piece was Inspired Entertainment was launched last year. That’s a production management company that gives us an opportunity to represent writers, producers, directors, and talent as well as co-produce, produce and acquire directed TV. So, we can actually get inspirational, aspirational and faith content into the major TV networks. So, doing it in the theatrical side, doing it in a DVD side, TV, and then also streaming. So that’s what’s happening to PureFlix, and nothing but upside the way we view it here.
Ray: We could have the whole program just camped on this. And so I want to get in just a few moments around some of your journey and faith story and leadership principles. But Steve, I’m so encouraged about what you’ve just shared with us about what PureFlix entertainment is all about and what you’re doing. Why is the work of PureFlix so important in our culture today?
Steve: Well, that’s a great question Ray, and I think the primary thing is for people to understand that we cannot be away from the influence and the impact on media. I believe media is a mind builder of society. I believe that’s the voice the culture, I believe that’s the language of our time and I believe Jesus would want us to use this platform to bring the light and the hope and the love of him in through all these platforms of media nd that’s why it’s important. So, just to give you a quick stat, 41% of people in the United States last year, went to the movie theater. That’s more than, by two times, going to theme parks and sporting events combined. So, think about that. I call them our new mission fields in the theaters or the mission. So, secondly, we’re consuming about 11 hours of media a day. So that’s more than a lot of people sleep and work. And so, you know, if you’re a kid started out, you know, going to church every day, every week, excuse me, from birth to 17, you’re going to basically go to church and hear the message about 800 hours in that time frame, you’re going to get 64,000 hours of media. So, you wonder why media is mind-molding, why it’s changing behaviors, why it’s setting our worldview. There you have it. So that’s why it’s important. So, we need a counter cultural influence with the voice of God, and the hope in God. And that’s why we do what we do.
Ray: That is that is truly stunning. And I know that in today’s world, you know, with the addiction to social media, these devices, literally, with our kids and our young people. It’s almost like another appendage. And I love the fact that you are not only stepping into that space, but you are running into that space, really trying to intercept the airways for the cause of Christ. That’s how I would view it. Would that be accurate?
Steve: Absolutely. I mean, we’re just giving folks a choice. You can’t stop media, and you can’t stop the consumption influence. But what you do is you hopefully bring people the opportunity to have a choice that’s going to be healthier, more hopeful, more loving, more transformational. So actually, if they take it real serious, it can be your training ground to be a change agent for Christ.
Ray: That’s, that’s fantastic. And so just one more time, Steve, would you be kind enough and–we’ll address this one or two more times during the show. But what’s the best way for our listening audience to learn about PureFlix and the offerings that you have available?
Steve: Yeah, I think first thing go to pureflix.com and that gives you a chance to, you know, view all kinds of content from TV shows to documentary to theatrical films, and there’s also some education, we’re going to bring some more education there. So, it’s family safe, but it’s also the option of faith content there. So that’s one place more if you want to know what’s coming next you can go PureFlix the studio pureflixstudio.com that’s where you’re gonna learn more about what’s coming with the theatricals and we have a lot coming down the pipe.
Ray: Okay, fantastic. So, Steven, your role as Chief Operating Officer, what does a typical day if there is such a thing look like for you, as COO at PureFlix entertainment?
Steve: Woo. Yeah, well, first and foremost, it starts with prayer. And that is sincere. I mean, we actually have a call the prayer first thing in the morning when everyone comes in. A lot of us are in here super early. But we also video conference in whoever’s traveling around the world and we open in prayer. So, that’s the first thing and I of course, start that personally at home but I’ll continue on with my team here. That was something we instituted years ago and I think that’s one of the things I love about our company, because God’s in the center of it and we start with prayer. But a typical day, I run the day to day global operations. So that encompasses two different companies, PureFlix, the studio and Inspired Entertainment, and a TV company we launched last year. And so primarily what we’re doing is we’re looking for new offerings, that means what kind of content that we’re going to bring to the table in order to develop and acquire to take around the world, that’s a big part of what we do. Secondly, it’s how we market that content.
So, I’m always looking to fortify our teams with the right kinds of organizations and individuals that are experts in the field of marketing promotion, because, you know, once you have a great product, you got to be able to market it well. So I work heavily in the area of, you know, creativity, marketing, PR, etc. And then a third thing is looking for other offerings outside of, you know, bringing in TV or content to produce or require for theatrical. We also look for, you know, what kind of acquisitions we can make, you know, are there joint ventures, are there investments? Are there folks that we can collaborate with some constantly, you know, sourcing and looking for how we can take this organization and its influence and impact to the next level both in profitability, sustainability and impacting influence.
Ray: Love it. And Steve I, as I’m listening, it’s you were put on this earth for this for a time such as this.
Steve: Oh, my gosh, I feel like I’m in my sweet spot, brother. I mean, kid in the candy store. I mean, to actually be able to know that what you’re doing each and every day has a chance to go around the globe to bring the gospel and the impact the influence? Yeah, I’m all about it.
Ray: Without question. And so, if you don’t mind, if we could maybe then jump in now to a little bit of your own journey and some of those principles and experiences that have shaped you as a leader. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about just your business background that kind of got you to this point, and then we’ll get into some of the decision-making processes.
Steve: Thank you so much. So, first of all, you know, right at it right out of the chute, after college, undergrad, and then eventually graduate school, I went to work in the food industry. I was working in the largest food company in the world, Kraft Foods, in a very large division moved up into several aspects of the company. So therefore, I learned there, how important was to have a strategic plan, how to actually take something from concept to execution, all the way down, and then have sustainability and profitability. So, I learned business, you know, from a major corporation, a lot of good influence, had a great mentor. I learned too from you know, early on having sports mentors and coaches and great teachers around me and my father was a great mentor, you know, that mentoring is really critical to have somebody that can pour into you and sharpen you and challenge you and I just had a great mentor right out of the chute with Kraft Food. Why I say that is because so many people go solo in a silo and they forget you know, power and humility and asking for help and get in the enabled to receive but even when it’s right in front of you.
So you know, Nick with me until he passed away two years ago, went home to the Lord. For over 30 years I had my business mentor who stuck with me to everything. So after a beautiful stint there I went to work for a decade for the largest direct mail marketing firm in America, it’s a billion dollar company. I end up going up through the ranks and running the most profitable division of that billion dollar company and just had an extraordinary sales and marketing run with them. So, in those two things, so that encompassed approximately 20 years of my career, that company got sold and I ended up running my own firm called Vibrant Consulting Group. So there I took my 20 plus years experience from two you know, multi-billion dollar companies and poured back to individuals, CEOs and presidents and leaders of companies and consulted them on strategic planning. So, I did a lot of turnarounds I did a lot of ramp up with companies and actually been a help them with every aspect of the strategic plan including, you know, marketing, sales operations, etc. And from there I’ve worked with companies like IBM, American Express who asked me to consult them and then and just turn around some startups that you might not have heard of that just prospered under our tutelage. So, in doing that, one of my passions about all this was realizing that, you know, when I got saved in college, as a college athlete, I realized that there are so many leaders that are in these amazing positions of influence, but they may not know Christ. And so, I would do every opportunity to ask to pray for them, or how I could, you know, minister to them, and I would just do great work, try to get excellent results and when I got them profits and growth, they listened to me.
And so, I got to share my life on a personal level, and I would share Christ with them or pray with them or if they were engaged, not in faith, but weren’t really using their platform for faith, I would challenge them in a loving way. That led to me learning to, through my training spiritually through Campus Crusade, I’ve learned about discipling and so I started just discipling many of my business guys that I actually was being paid, you know, to consult and later became friends and help them grow spiritually as they were growing their businesses. So that combination of my passion for the Great Commission and my passion to love and serve God and others in business that converged when I was asked to lead private business and take on organization as a CEO called Pinnacle Forum. That’s where you and I met Ray.
Ray: Yeah, that’s right.
Steve: And when I was national CEO, Pinnacle Forum, we’re basically our mantra was transform leaders to transform culture. So our goal was to encourage equip, engage them in their passion and I knew how to do that my own life, God helped me through that. Through all the coaching and mentoring and discipleship that I’ve had in my life. And I took the combination of my experience, my passion, my gifting, in order to converge that in leaving private business to go run this national organization. That was extraordinary and in that time I’d met the two of the three founders of PureFlix so that, fast-forward, got me one of the three founders, Russell Wilson, went to my church was in Pinnacle Forum as ministering to him I was encouraged him I was promoting PureFlix on my platform, telling people to consider get engaged and support these people that are trying to influence culture through media and arts and entertainment. Russell got ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, he was 49 years old–young family–and I said, “Russell, what are you going to do? You’re running day-to-day global operations.” He said, “Steve, God said it’s you. Would you go home and pray and consider coming and taking the helm of PureFlix?” and so I did you know after months of prayer and fasting and consideration and contemplation the Lord led me you know to take on this torch from my friend. He went home to the Lord in 2015, I took over three and a half years ago and so Michael Scott, David A.R. White, and myself now really are, you know, run the day to day business of PureFlix.
Ray: What an amazing story and so a couple of things I heard in there, Steve, was number one is every step along the way you have been committed to business excellence. That gives you them the credible platform to share your Christian faith and right along with that you’re growing deep in your faith in Christ so that, when those opportunities present themselves because of your credibility and success, you can effectively share the gospel. Is that a fair summation?
Steve: Well stated. Well stated. And even today with PureFlix, when I came in, one of the first things I stated to our folks is I said, “If we’re gonna compete to what Hollywood’s putting out for the mind and the hearts of the people in the entertainment dollar, we need to perform at the highest level in lieu of our budgets.” And so in that, we started striving for a plus cinema scores and getting, you know, mentioned that these award shows, and not just the fates shows, but all shows. And, you know, that’s why it was extraordinary to have God’s Not Dead to be the number one independent film of all films in the world, you know. And then we kept that on because even here, you know, success it tracks and success is credible, gives you credibility. So, right on Ray, and by the way, Ray, I’ve seen that in your own life. I’ve seen that, you know, from business, to ministry, to what God continues to do through you, because your bar is raised high, and it’s unto the Lord. So that’s why I love about you brother.
Ray: That’s very, that’s very kind and coming from you it just means the world. So Steve, let’s talk then a little bit now about some of these leadership principles. I suppose you haven’t always been the the Chief Operating Officer at the largest distribution channel of Christian entertainment on the planet, you came up through, you know, secular businesses and organizations and so forth. So, what was maybe the hardest decision or the hardest time that you had in your career of integrating your faith? When were you really challenged in it? Can you think of an example where it’s really difficult?
Steve: Yes, I can. I think of every step of the way I felt challenged. But let me just tell you when I was in my early 30s, so I’m going to do 20 plus years ago now. I was in an organization where I was General Manager of a company, and it was a, you know, multi-billion dollar company and I was challenged because my number two the guy right next to me, was not a believer, and he loved to do f-bombs, you know, and he loved to degrade women. And I basically one day, you know, said, “Hey, something’s gotta give, you know, I don’t care what you do out there,” which I really did care, “but right here, inside here, we want to, you know, respect people and there’s no room for swearing.” Well, that person had 20 something years experience and I was the new kid on the block hired from the outside to come in and be an overseer. And that did well, because, you know, look at the good old boy, 25 years, my senior year, and wanting to do things his way.
And all of a sudden, this young guy is going to try to ask him to, you know, do things God’s way. And of course, I wasn’t in your face, but I was just trying to model Christ very, you know, in my daily routine. And it ended up that he basically did everything in his power almost daily to try to find things that could be microscopically wrong, or done different or better, to the point he trumped up on so much at advocacy against me that it ended up costing me my job, you know. He trumped up things that were just out of it. So as out of the norm, and this is a guy that would take the company to expense, you know, take the credit card and go out, you know, to strip joints at lunch time and come back, but, you know, shouting and all these explitives. So, they never did anything to him. But boy did I pay for, you know. So, I had probably about two years of living hell working with this guy and he still went on with the company, and I had to go on to something else. Because, you know, he made life miserable. So, we’re all going to deal with people like that. And also, I kept saying, love God, love people. Lord, I need your help. You got to help me do this.
Well, you know, when I bounced to that to another opportunity, I just had a great opportunity. But in that as I was telling you about companies, a direct mail marketing firm I was running for many years and went up the ladder, I had a gal that actually got sick one day. She had brain surgery, she was one of our reps down, and that worked for us in the company and she was a single mom and didn’t have much family. And I went over to and said, “You know what, I’m going to go over to the hospital and just see how I can encourage the family and who’s over there.” So, I go there and the family was devastated. And I offered, you know, prayer, you know, just offered prayer, and I prayed with them, and I went into the room, you know, after the surgery and offered prayer and support and nothing went wrong there. Everything was fine. But literally, when she came back to work, there was a promotion opportunity she got passed over. And she ended up going to HR, the head of HR of this multi-big company. And basically, they called me in a room with a bunch of VPs and HR and said, “Hey, we understand you’re shoving this Bible down people’s throat.” And I said, “What do you mean? And I was always discrete in a corporate environment.” And they’ve led to the next thing was, “You’re going to have to leave the company and take a leave of absence until we’ve decided what we’re going to do with you.” And I stopped for a second I said, “Well, it’s quarter in and I’m running the whole operation. All you are all you are trying to, you know, make your bonuses with your contingent on me. I’ll be glad leave those couple days, but it could affect your profits and it could affect your bonuses.” I said, “On top of that is, I noticed that none, not one of you all-be-it the head of HR, all you Vice Presidents, went to the aid of this family or went to the aid of this woman that’s worked for us for years. I just did what only thing that I knew to do. And all I could do in this situation, someone that’s a single mom with brain surgery was go over and offer little support and prayer. That’s all I did. If you call that shoving the Bible down their throat, then I will tell you, I would do the same thing for all of you. Is just to pray for you, and do what I can to help you in a tough time. So, if you think that’s worthy of boot me out of here for a while? Well, you go ahead and do so and I stand on my faith, and stand on doing the right thing unto the Lord and unto our people.”
That was the story those two stories come to mind. There’s many more, but hey, you know, keep the main thing, the main thing. Christ and Christ alone. It’s what my mantra is and that was what Russell told me before he passed away and I think that was true back then and it’s true now for all of us.
Ray: I feel like we should take an offering right now. That’s good stuff. So you know, Steve, come on. Now, you can’t tell us a story like that, and not give us the ending. What happened?
Steve: So, they literally told me to go home. Well, they thought about it. I went home. Within a couple hours, I get a phone call from the head of HR and they said, “We’re sorry, please come back.” You know, and of course, the motive was not because they said or did the wrong thing the motive because they were nervous, like, because the head of HR, sure isn’t going to bring in the sales number. And so they wanted somebody to run the helm that paid year after year, quarter after quarter of their profits and that’s where the bottom line was. But God will use man’s ways to get his point across.
Ray: Well, and actually, that’s a great segue. Because what I want to just focus on for a moment is back to this issue about excellence. Because there are far too many people at far too many times that I’ve heard messages about, you know, success in business is only if you’re greedy, and it’s evil, and the pursuit of money and all those things. But what you’re talking about right, is pursuit of excellence, and producing results because that gave you the credibility to present the gospel to present faith and prayer. And I love the beautiful balance there and thank you. So, I just think that’s a great story. Great story.
Steve: Thank you. Thank you, Ray. When you, you know, cuz I’ve even heard you teach this. You know, it’s stewardship, right? I mean, it’s Psalm 24, “The earth is Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.” When I learned that, that scripture and the connotation of that, that God owns it all, and we’re basically going to be rewarded, you know, maybe some now, maybe some, you know, in eternity. But it’s based on how we steward over what he’s entrusted us with. So, you know, just do the little things right, do it consistent, pursue excellence in all and unto the Lord. You can’t go wrong, you know, great commandment, great commission, you know. Yeah, so that’s, to me, just is always been key from early on.
Ray: So what advice would you have for someone who’s listening right now, maybe they’re discouraged. Maybe their faith is being tested right now, maybe they’re being told not to do something in the workplace because of the Christian perspective on it. Or maybe they’re a business owner, and they’re afraid they’re going to lose an account if they really hold firm with a conviction or something. So what encouragement would you have for someone who’s kind of at that place that you’ve described?
Steve: Well, first and foremost, is, hang on, you know, if you’re in a situation where you’re desperate, and you’re gasping, you know. Tie the bottom of the knot at the rope and hang on, and then, you know, look up, look up and call out the Christ, call out to God. And first of all, if you don’t have a relationship to say, God, forgive me, you know, I know you’re there. I need you. And you know, you pray a simple prayer of forgiveness, you know. Turn in your heart and mind that you’re going to trust your life and your situation, even your tragedy to God and let Christ into your life. And if you haven’t done that, then do it.
You know, and then in that there’s something that happens, there’s a transformation that happens, it starts with, you get this amazing Spirit of God inside you. And you get a hope and a future, hope that is eternal life, you know, so you don’t have to worry about where it’s all going to end. And then you start looking to have a conversation with God. You know, if you’re in a dire straits situation, God will prevail, you know. He’ll never leave you or forsake you, he says, And so I always found that never leave me or never forsake me. It’s like him grabbing me and I might let go of him. But he’s always got me. And then I also believe that the hope is, you know, his plans are greater than ours. I’ve seen it in my life you when things were tough, so I would encourage people to try God’s plans versus your own plans. You know, what that means is, you know, you lay out what you’re planning to do for the moment, for the day, for the year and just ask God to you know, give you his wisdom, His grace, his guidance and support in order to make sure you stay on track because his will and his way to good pleasing and perfect. Our ways are good sometimes, you know, pleasing sometimes, but never perfect. And that’s what I want for people.
Listen, it’s just, you know, first start a deeper relationship with God, surrender the oldness and start on with a new fresh slate. If it’s now then be it now and then, you know, journey and go on great adventure and surround you with yourself with people. I mentioned mentors earlier. And I know Ray you’ve been passionate about discipling leaders. And that was one of the things we were kindred about one first met. Yeah, so I would say, you know, get around a band of brothers or one brother, you know, or sister, you know, and listening to, you know, and ask them say, could you help me with my journey so I can, not only do I grow maybe in a business sense but now I want to grow in a spiritual sense. And that combination can be lethal when those paths merge and converge. So, those are some of the things that come to mind, but once you start the journey, and if you’ve been on it, then I think people start slipping on their prayer life, they start slipping on their Bible study, and they slip on their serving, they slip on, you know, asking questions and being humble about being coached. And I would just tell you that it’s like, you know, if you refine yourself as a great athlete, great business person, you know, never get away from the basics. So make sure you’re fortifying your foundation of your faith and that’s more faith than when the tough things come. You can look at your spiritual markers. And you can have that foundation be a cornerstone of rock that nothing that the world throws at you will really knock you out and knock you down, because you got Christ, the King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords, and The Rock that only prevails through everything
Ray: That was fantastic. So, and such a word of encouragement, thank you so much. Maybe if–I just could ask you just two more quick questions. There is, what do you wish someone had said to you? What, when you were 20 or 22 years old, just coming out, you know, into the marketplace and really entering the early parts of your career, what advice do you wish someone would have given you?
Steve: Be courageous in your faith. And Joshua 1 comes to mind. And I know, you know, well, Ray, three times Lord had to tell Joshua, even though he’s the heir apparent to lead the nation, right? Of Israel, back to the Promised Land. He said, “Be strong and courageous, be strong, and very courageous.” And the reason for that is because we all need to be encouraged to be courageous. And so I would add faith to the end of that, because I think, you know, if you have goals, dreams and desires, you can be courageous in your career path, you know, but, gosh, you know, when it comes to faith, I see many people that are, you know, even advanced to CEO, I said, CEOs and Chief Executive Officer, which I’ve been for years or Chief Operating Officer, which I am now but it’s really key evangelism officer, its chief outreach officer, you know.
Start getting your mind and heart set on who God is the right view God, and remember who he said you are, and maybe you’re starting out as the entry level person on the path or you’re in a new organization or new industry. It doesn’t matter what your title of the world says, you are, you know, the ambassador for the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords. So, get into the scriptures and find out and believe in your heart, who you are. If someone told me that, you know, be more courageous in your faith, you know, look for models of being an evangelist and encourager in the marketplace that would have helped me it took me a while to figure that out. And, you know, eventually I got it, obviously, and I tried to make up for lost time. But I think that was a big one.
Ray: Steve, this has just been such a time of encouragement and just as we depart any final words of encouragement or, you know, advice that you would want to pass along to our listening audience?
Steve: Yeah, it comes to mind it’s one of the Scriptures that I love is II Tim 1:7, you know it so well, and many of you may be listening know it is that, “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and sound mind.” So, if we go forth with fear and trepidation versus the power to love one another, that God’s given us through His Spirit, life will change, it will be for the better. So, fear not, trust God, and enjoy the journey.
Ray: Steve, this has been such an encouragement and believe it or not, we’re at the tail end of this. And so for a regular listeners, Steve, they know that I have one question that I always ask is my last question. And so, it’s what we call our 4:23 question. It’s based out of Proverbs 4:23 were Solomon writes these words, he says, “Above all else, guard your heart for it determines the course of your life.” And so, Steve, you’ve given us such great counsel today, you’ve given us such great advice, but what I’d like you to do, as we close out our conversation today is I’d like you to imagine you have an opportunity at the end of your time here on Earth, and you have a chance to gather your family, your friends, your loved ones, those who are most precious to you, and you get a chance to pass along one piece of advice. So, what I’d like you to do is fill in the blank for me. The advice you would share. Above all else…
Steve: Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And love the people that God puts in your path.
Ray: Fantastic.
Steve: Lead with love.
Ray: Steve, that is that’s the summation of your life. I’m just so very humbled and thrilled that we’ve had a chance to have this conversation today. Steve, thank you so much for being on the program today.
Steve: What an honor and a privilege and an honor. I hope people are encouraged as I’ve been encouraged spending time with you, Ray. God bless you and all you’re doing and just look forward to our time together very soon. God bless you.
Ray: Fantastic. Well folks, that is Steve Fedyski, Chief Operating Officer at PureFlix Entertainment. He has been our guest today on Bottom Line Faith. If you’re not a regular subscriber become one if you would. And one of the best ways you can help the program is when you listen to a conversation like this with Steve is go do a review and because the more reviews the more positive feedback we get on these conversations, the better our traffic, the better our exposure. And frankly, more people are going to learn about it. And that’s what we’re trying to do here at Bottom Line Faith. Just like our friends at PureFlix entertainment, we are trying to bring a word of encouragement into the marketplace. And so, until next time, I am your host here at Bottom Line Faith, Ray Hilbert, saying so long and go serve God faithfully in the marketplace. See you next time.