In this episode, Toby Gruppen speaks about establishing trust and partnering with those from different cultural and business backgrounds.

Toby is the founding pastor of LifeQuest Church in Zeeland, Michigan, a congregation that is embedded in Integrated Fabric Resource, Inc. Through this collaboration between church and business, LifeQuest is reimagining what it means to be church with people rather than trying to get people to come to church. Toby is enthusiastic about being a follower of Jesus Christ and is drawn to those who are often unseen in our culture.

Active in the church planting scene in West Michigan, Toby enjoys collaborating, coaching, supporting, and dreaming with new church planters to create fresh expressions of the church.

“All people deserve deep, intense love, honor, and value. The more that the church can do that, the better.”

Key Takeaways:
1. Don’t dismiss opportunities for ministry partnerships with the corporate sector.
2. Appreciate others from different cultural backgrounds; slow down and establish trust and respect.
3. See the unseen.
4. Find a trusted mentor that can walk alongside you.
5. Abide in Christ.