How Much Is Enough with Jay Bennett

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Jay Bennett talks with Ray about his long conflict between serving God and mammon, the beauty of generous living, and his belief that money CAN make you happy – if you give it away.
Jay Bennett had a 35 year parallel career of practicing law and running a private foundation serving Christian ministries. He is now the Chairman of the Board of both the National Christian Foundation and The Halftime Institute. 
The NCF is the world’s largest faith based provider of donor advised funds serving more than 20,000 donor partners who last year contributed more than $1.8 billion into giving funds and distributed out more than $1.7 billion to more than 26,000 non-profit organizations. 
Halftime serves women and men in the marketplace moving from success to significance.
“Generous living…is a portal into divine intimacy.”
“They say that money can’t make you happy; I think it can if you give it away.”
“Follow the cloud, and let the mystery do its work.”
Key Takeaways:
1. The ability to create wealth is a gift from God.
2. What’s priceless in your life?
3. The Lord doesn’t partner with idols.
4. Until you have a finish line, you have no freedom.
5. Leave room for the Spirit to work.

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