How Healthy Tension Produces Effective Leadership with Dr. Matt Rawlins

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In this episode, Ray sits down with Dr. Matt Rawlins for an in-depth conversation about tension and change and how we can be productive in the midst of diversity.
In 2001, Matt Rawlins earned his PhD in leadership and communication from the University of Wales. Since then, he has written 16 books and works with churches, mission agencies, and large corporations on how to lead their companies forward in a rapidly changing world.
Dr. Matt Rawlins is the CEO of Green Bench Consulting, and a sought-after speaker and consultant around the world.
“We live in a broken world and it’s scary. And we’re most scared of what’s inside of us.”
“It’s a dangerous thing to fall in love with God.”
“We are finite, broken, and gifted.”
Key Takeaways:
1. What does it mean to be human?
2. God views tension differently than we do.
3. Humility is fundamental.
4. There is no change without risk.
Green Bench Consulting
Books by Dr. Matt Rawlins

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