Great Leaders Follow First with Brad Hewitt

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Ray visits with Brad Hewitt as he shares his unique views on leadership, followership, and how to use authority in a Godly way.
Brad Hewitt recently retired as Chief Executive Officer of Thrivent Financial, the country’s largest fraternal benefit society. A Fortune 300 organization, Thrivent leads a nationwide movement of Christians to be wise with money and live generously. Thrivent has more than 2 million members and manages nearly $150 billion in assets.
Brad is the co-author of the book Your New Money Mindset and is a frequent speaker on the topics of money, generosity, and Biblical stewardship.
In November 2019 Brad will become chair of the board for Habitat for Humanity International. He also serves as chair of The Itasca Project, an employer‐led, cross sector collaborative group that works to improve the quality of life for all in the Twin Cities. Brad also serves as a Life Advocate for Upworks that helps men coming out of addiction or prison.
“Love sometimes looks like mercy, and sometimes looks like justice.”
“If my attitude becomes one of gratefulness and joy…that next step becomes obvious.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Leadership is pouring yourself into other people and helping them succeed.
2. Is leadership even Biblical?
3. How to know if you’re a good leader.
4. Being a good follower is the best way to produce good followers.
5. Don’t be satisfied with just the data alone.

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