Entrepreneur Sid Graef speaks about how his faith has impacted his business journey, and challenges and successes he and his family have faced along the way.

Sid Graef is a father, husband, business owner, and professional coach. He has started multiple small businesses in the service industry that are still growing, and has helped other businesses through his work in mentoring, coaching, and as host of The 80/20 Service Business Podcast.

Sid owns and operates a window cleaning business and an auto detailing business in Montana.

“You will never ever regret doing what is right.”
“When you compare yourself to someone else who is perceived as more successful than yourself, you’re automatically limiting God.”

Key Takeaways:
1. The dangers of comparison and how it can limit God’s impact in your life
2. The need for personal sacrifice in order to do what’s right
3. Effectiveness vs efficiency
4. The importance of finding a mentor

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