Finding & Living Your Spark with Denise Walsh

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Ray speaks with Denise Walsh about finding and rekindling your spark, and the importance of pursuing the individual passions God has given.
Denise Walsh has been an entrepreneur since 2007, as a top income earner for It Works!, a direct-selling beauty and nutrition company. With 15 years of leadership coaching, she has launched the Dream Cast podcast and written the Amazon best-sellers, Dream Life and Retire Your Husband.
Denise is a certified trainer with Jack Canfield and an elite coach with the John Maxwell Team, and travels around the world as a speaker to help train others find their true potential.
“Write down what brings you joy and ask yourself how often are you doing those things.”
“My faith impacts the way I see people.”
“You can not create when you are emotionally three steps behind.”
Key Takeaways:
1. The definition and meaning of the spark in your life.
2. What do you do when you are stuck?
3. The importance of self-validation.
4. The space to heal and forgive.
5. The marriage of gratitude and vision.

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