For over two decades, as I have been in the business world as a business owner as well as working in large non profit organizations, as well as international corporations, as well as serving in the non-profit sector, I have learned many lessons and observed many approaches and philosophies of the ways people conduct themselves in the marketplace and when in pursuit of business.

The lessons emerged through my relationships with other business leaders, government officials, customers while performing work for them, suppliers and additional lessons have been learned as I served in churches, Christian schools and universities, and para-church ministries.

The following principles guide the development of my business actions and relationships. I’ve carefully searched the scriptures and confirmed the biblical accuracy of the principles. Wiser persons have already discovered similar principles and the list is surely longer than the one enclosed, but this list is born by the path I’ve traveled.

I have shared these ideas with my children, family members, friends, partners and potential partners, with the hope that they may benefit from my experiences. And now, through a series of several articles and postings, I am sharing them with you, the blogging and internet world.

I hope that you will find the content helpful, encouraging, substantial, and that it will encourage you in your own efforts to integrate and live out your Christian faith in the marketplace.

The postings cover the following 7 Key Areas:

* Part 1: The PURPOSE of a Christian owned or ran company/organization

* Part 2: Guideline for Determining Personal & Professional Pursuits

* Part 3: Thoughts on PLANNING

* Part 4: Strategies for FINANCIAL MATTERS & DECISIONS


* Part 6: How to establish and determine AGREEMENTS in business

* Part 7: PEOPLE TO AVOID in business

Personal & Professional Pursuits

  1. I will pursue a balanced life between my personal life and my business endeavors Psalm 127:2. Like Jesus, I will strive for balance mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally Luke 2:52.
  2. Time to work is balanced with time to rest Psalm 127:2 Ecclesiastes 3 and protracted fatigue is to be avoided.
  3. I will continue to work in the speaking, training, and coaching industry, it’s where my competencies and “giftings” as a teacher and leader exist Romans 12, I Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4  that I may be a “good steward of the manifold grace of God I Peter 4:10.”
  4. I will diligently apply my talents to the work I’m called to perform Matthew 25:14-21 and I realize the Lord will both increase my success Matthew 13:12 and He will expect a return on His investment in me Luke 12:48.
  5. In terms of partnerships, I will only be engaged in a business for which there is significant need for my core competencies and gifts.
  6. It is only wise for me to engage in a business relationship related to work I understand or commit to perform functions for which I am qualified.
  7. Character reveals the depth of one’s relationship to the Lord and is a foundation for being blessed by the Lord. Much of business success is built on reputation, which is fine, but reputation should not be confused with character Proverbs 22:1.
  8. Reputation is what men think of you character is what God knows about you.
  9. Reputation is what men say about you character is what the Son says about you before the throne of God I John 2:1.
  10. Reputation is what men think you do character is what you really do when no one is watching.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.