Building a Better Company through Personal Development with Tom Pace

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On today’s show, Ray visits Oklahoma City for a conversation with PaceButler Corporation Founder and CEO, Tom Pace. Tom shares his passion for reading and the tremendous impact it has had on his life, despite struggles with dyslexia and ADD, and the ways he is infusing that passion into his company. He also discusses the lowest points in his career, when a lawsuit nearly ruined his business and drove him to the brink of depression, and how his faith carried him through.
Tom Pace started PaceButler Corporation in 1987. He currently serves as the CEO of PaceButler, MentorHope Publishing, and World Book Bank, Inc. Tom is a popular author and business mentor, helping people become successful in their business and personal lives.
“People with self-esteem do estimable things.”
“The more we give the more we live”
“We don’t have a choice as to whether or not we get older but we do have a choice of whether or not we grow up.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Have an idea, take action, stay committed.
2. Tipping with $2 bills
3. Focus on solutions, not the problem.
4. We get paralyzed when we get in fear.
5. R.E.D.
Atmosphere statement
Reading program
Tom Pace mentor
World Book Bank

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