Reissue – When You’re Not Who Everyone Thinks You Are with Forrest Walden

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Forrest Walden sits down with Ray in Birmingham, Alabama to discuss his unique story of early success, starting over, his struggle with depression, and how he connected his business blessings and gifts to his kingdom purpose.
In 2008, fitness industry veteran Forrest Walden founded Iron Tribe in his 400 square foot garage. Initially, it was just a place for Forrest to do group based workouts with his friends because he couldn’t find anywhere locally that offered the right amount of space and equipment. 
The demand quickly grew, and in 2010, Iron Tribe opened its first official location which reached max capacity before the end of the year. Iron Tribe began franchising, and now has locations all over the country dedicated to creating fitness communities that change lives.
“Our identity is so much more than our ability to create.”
“As God blesses, be a conduit; don’t store it up for yourself.”
“Jesus never told us not to seek treasure; He told us to seek treasure that lasts.”
Key Takeaways:
1. You can’t trade time for money and build anything of lasting value.
2. What are you really living for?
3. Be transparent with your pain.
4. It’s not weakness to say that something is beyond your ability to recover from.
5. Four B’s: Body – Being – Balance – Business
6. What’s your bottom line?
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