“Use the Majority”

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James 1:19 says, “My brothers, take note of this: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” Perhaps one of the most critical things that we must do to succeed in business is to be a good listener.


Think about it. How is it that we really satisfy our customers’ needs? It’s by effectively listening and solving their problems. How is it that we can successfully and effectively get along with our coworkers? It’s by intentionally listening to what they need, in order to get their job done.


The problem with most of us is that instead of truly listening, most of the time, we’re thinking about what we’re going to say next. Remember, God gave us two ears and only one mouth. We should use the majority.


Is there someone at work who has frustrated you or caused you to become angry? Perhaps the best thing you could do is simply stop, listen, and gain their perspective. Really seek to understand what they’re trying to tell you. Slow down, talk less, and listen more. Make a bad situation produce a great result. If you’ll do this, you’ll apply the truth at work.

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