Northview Church


Are you interested in providing an opportunity for those in your business, church or school to experience a world class event that will inspire and encourage them in their faith?

Become a host site and you will be a part of equipping others to lead and serve in a way that has eternal significance and impacts the marketplace for Christ.


What is the registration deadline?

The deadline to register to be a remote host site is Friday, October 18th, 2019. We will not be able to accept registrations after that date.

What is the cost?

To become a licensed Remote Host Site for the Truth At Work Conference, you must complete the registration form, pay $99 and be approved by Truth At Work. Please note: all remote host sites must be outside a 60-mile radius of the live event (Northview Church, Carmel, IN)

Is my facility sufficient to host?

A successful event could be as simple as a conference room at your office, church or school with a small group of attendees. In the event you wish to gather a larger audience, it is good to have the following:

• Seating suitable for up to 6 hours, with some sessions lasting up to 2 hours

• Adequate lavatories for crowd size

• Easily accessible parking

• Signage for event seating location and parking

• Volunteers for answering guest’s questions, seating guests, and crowd management

• Remote Host to provide their own master of ceremonies, if they desire to have one

Should I register attendees?

Attendee registration is the responsibility of each Remote Host and will not be managed by Truth At Work. Registering your attendees is encouraged to track headcount for adequate planning

If you choose to sell tickets as a remote host location, 50% of the ticket price (Ticket value $59, but please do donation based ticketing) will be due to Truth At Work 14 business days post conference.

What is a successful remote host site?

A successful gathering for a remote host site could be anywhere from a small group gathering in a conference room at your office, church, or school to a large group in an auditorium. The purpose of a remote host site is simply to provide opportunity for your employees, congregation, students, or others to be encouraged, inspired and motivated to live out their faith in the marketplace. The success of this event is based on that, and not on the number of your attendees.

What computer specs do I need for streaming?

Desktop or laptop computer with Adobe Flash Stream enabled *Must have Adobe Flash Player loaded on the computer

• Windows: 3GHz Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 3400+, or faster processor; 128MB of RAM; 64MB graphics memory

• Mac: 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo or faster processor; 256MB of RAM; 64MB graphics memory

What speed of internet connection do I need?

2.5 Mbps download speed (ideally a dedicated line so there isn’t other activity on the same connection). Hardwired is preferred over wireless internet

What do I need for audio and visual?

• Audio system suitable for crowd and room size

• Visual Projection System – will be streamed in 16:9

How may I test my computer for suitability?

All Remote host sites are required to participate in a live streaming test. You will be provided several tests date options to take place prior to the event

How may I promote this event?

Digital promotional materials will be provided to each Remote Host once complete, signed agreement is approved by Truth At Work. Download and edit these materials to add your venue and registration information

When will the live stream begin?

• The Live Stream will begin November 8th at 7:30am your local time

• For sites streaming Internationally, you must choose Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time zone to start your Live Stream

• Prior to the start of the event, and during breaks, the Live Stream will show a countdown timer

• Prior to the event you will receive contact information for our Remote Host Manager. The Manager will be available to assist with any questions or handle any streaming issues that might arise

Is there a lunch break?

No. The event will end at 1:00pm EST

Will there be an event program?

Digital event programs will be available for download the day of event by going to the conference website.

An agenda will be provided as we get closer to the event, as well as each speaker’s talk title

Register to stream the Truth At Work Conference to your location below: