Reissue – The 80/20 Principle with Perry Marshall

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Ray is joined by innovative thinker Perry Marshall to discuss his bold take on the Pareto Principle, the importance of the things we don’t pay attention to, and the impact faith has on everyday life.
Perry Marshall is one of the most sought after business consultants in the world, endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine. He is the owner of Perry S. Marshall & Assoiates and founded the $10 million Evolution 2.0 Prize, the world’s largest science prize.
His reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs at the California Institute of Technology uses his 80/20 Curve as a productivity tool. Perry also wrote the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, the best-selling book on internet advertising, that laid the foundation for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry.
“When you get through the trials, the rewards for solving problems at their roots are very, very, very great.”
“You can wait for God to test you or can sort of voluntarily take on testing.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Faith informs everything that you do.
2. The 80/20 rule goes deeper than you think.
3. Inequality is baked into the universe.
4. The average person has very little effect on anything.
5. Who are you not paying attention to?
80/20 Sales and Marketing book
Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords

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