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Truth at Work is one of America’s leading and fastest growing marketplace ministries. Since 1998, we have developed products, programs, and services to serve thousands of Christian business and marketplace leaders.
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Sample Curriculum

The Truth at Work online content portal makes content available 24/7 to its members.

Each month covers very relevant material that can help you run your business more effectively. You will see how much Truth at Work will help manage your time and lead a more rewarding life, professionally, personally and spiritually.



We are all familiar with the importance of setting goals. A Goal is something you can set and accomplish with hard work and focused effort, but Truth at Work is different. You will be challenged to set different kinds of goals – BHAGS Big Hairy Audacious God-sized Goals. BHAGs require a supernatural act of God in order to happen. A BHAG does not depend upon your work ethic, you figuring out how to do something or putting a plan in place to make it happen. When a BHAG comes true, God and God alone gets the credit and glory for it.

At the beginning of each new 12-month cycle of a Truth at Work Round Table, members set their BHAGs for the next 12 months, along with the top three to five personal, business & spiritual goals they want to focus on for the next year.



Many Christian business owners and leaders are not experiencing the true power of the Holy Spirit in their personal and business lives. Fear is driving many aspects of their lives, fear of loss, fear of man and fear of exposure.

Members are guided through several examples of what it looks like to live a life and lead a business with the power of The Holy Spirit.

This session provides the framework for members to re-train their thought life and thus experience the transformational power of God in life and in business.



This session is an actual case study that is built on the Servanthood vs. Stewardship Decision Making Model.

When is the right time to terminate an underperforming employee?  As a Christian business owner or leader, why is it often so difficult to terminate an employee, particularly one who is a Christian?

This case study brings to light the difficulty of the decision of how and when to deal with an employee situation. It challenges Roundtable members to discover their own answers in terms of how to handle a situation involving a Christian employee who is simply not getting the job done, but whose personal circumstances make it very difficult to terminate.



This session provides two very practical and effective Models for Making Biblically Based Decisions – A Four Step Decision Making Model and The Servanthood vs. Stewardship Model.

A big challenge for any Christian business owner or leader is making tough decisions in difficult situations.  How do we know if we are following God’s desire in the midst of a difficult decision?  The reality is we are probably not capable of ever being 100% certain we are following God’s plan and will in any situation.  However, it is possible to put into place a process for making decisions in the marketplace that align with God’s overall plan and will when making important calls on big issues.