Greg is a seasoned executive who is using his skills, talents, and abilities to help those in need around the globe.  In addition to running a strategy and technology consulting firm, he is focused on leading disaster relief efforts and working to alleviate global poverty. His background includes world-class leadership and solutions to businesses such as ChaCha, Kraft, Pepsi, Lilly, Cummins, Aon and AutoTrader. He also led the warehousing/logistics operations for the Salvation Army’s Haiti Relief Response!

Throughout his career, Greg has served in numerous executive and consulting roles including Chief Technology Officer, strategy/management consultant, project executive, program and project manager, technical architect, analyst, database administrator, and developer. This breadth has enabled Greg to drive successful results by ensuring a sound strategic direction and project execution excellence. His focus and dedication to addressing the customer need has enabled him to deliver complex, multi-million dollar solutions with measurable business results.

In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree (BS) in Business/Systems from Taylor University, Greg also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Taylor University. Greg is serves in a number of leadership roles in his local church, including the worship team where he plays electric guitar and bass. He currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife and four daughters.