Freddi Donner


Chapter President – Virginia

Freddi Donner is a seasoned executive coach specializing in the power of communication and interpersonal skills to achieve professional growth and business development goals. Freddi founded Business Stamina in 2004 after more than two decades as a corporate marketing executive and successful entrepreneur. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation and is an accredited practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

Freddi found Truth@Work in her pursuit to blend her faith and her work together. In her re-newed faith, she came to understand that working alone, and without “Godly” council, increases the chance of making mistakes, poor choices, and failing. She knows this because it is part of her history. Today, she is committed to helping business leaders build internal strength by combining the collective intelligence a business roundtable offers, the Christian principles and lessons provided by Truth@Work, and the support she offers as a certified coach. A powerful combination in which you will grow spiritually, professionally, and personally, and help build those around you.

A thought leader on leadership skills, stress management, teamwork and related subjects, Freddi has conducted workshops for private companies, associations, nonprofits, and universities. She works with individuals and teams helping to develop leaders who choose to be brave and bold enough to stand up for absolute truth and refuse to be swayed by popular rhetoric or selfish objectives. She believes in abundance and adding value and inspires other to do the same.