Reissue – 3 Disruptive Questions Every Leader Must Ask with Dean Niewolny

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Dean Niewolny talks with Ray about the vision of Halftime Institute and how every leader can grow in self-knowledge to be more effective in fulfilling their God-given mission.
Dean Niewolny spent 23 years in executive roles with three of Wall Street’s largest financial firms, finishing his career in the financial sector as a market manager for Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago.
In 2010, Dean left his marketplace career to help people who wanted to expand their own first-half success and skills into passion and purpose for meeting human needs and making a significant difference. Dean joined the Halftime Institute as Managing Director and in 2011 became Chief Executive Officer.
Dean speaks at events around the world, encouraging business leaders to channel first-half achievement into a second half-defined by joy, impact, and balance. Dean is the author of Trade Up: How to Go From Just Making Money to Making A Difference.
“The reality is we’re too busy. And we don’t take enough time to really focus on ourselves.”
“We all need someone to keep us accountable.”
“Pray and trust that God truly has your best interest in mind.”
Key Takeaways:
1. Start with a low cost probe
2. Ask yourself the three disruptive questions
3. Put your spouse’s dreams ahead of your own
4. Stay close to the Lord and He will guide you
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