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Marcia Barnes

Marcia Barnes is the President and Chief Marketing Officer for Sells Group, an Indianapolis based marketing agency focused on growing customers for companies. At Sells Group, Marcia leads marketing and sales and is responsible for guiding the corporate culture and talent development strategy for the fast growing company.

Prior to Sells Group, Marcia spent more than 13 years working for Defender Direct (now DEFENDERS). In 1999, she took on the responsibility of growing the company through innovative marketing programs. Over the years, the role grew and Marcia became the Chief Marketing Officer of the organization. In 2010 she became the President of Defender Direct, and in 2011 she was named CEO and President. Marcia joined Defender early on when the company was was operating out of the Lindsey’s spare bedroom and was generating about $2 million in revenue. When she left Defender, in 2013, the company was generating over $400 million in revenue annually.

Marcia’s business experience is rooted in helping other businesses grow. She owned call centers concentrated on marketing campaigns introducing businesses to new customers. She states that, “Early in my career, I encountered Zig Ziglar’s writing. ‘You can have whatever you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want’. Those words jumped off the page and I knew I wanted to spend my life helping people get what they want.”

“The ability to picture a future state better than our past and then move toward your goals is fundamentally a creative exercise. We reflect God’s nature of ‘Creator’ when we participate in goal development,” says Marcia about her success methods. She has trained thousands of people over the years to deliver their best results to the world.

Marcia is a farmer’s daughter. She learned a lot about growing on the farm and that skill, combined with work ethic, has transferred into her business and personal life helping her move from a state of brokenness, poverty and debt to health, confidence and success. She has consistently reinvented herself using these fundamental tools.

Because Marcia believes we all have a ‘here to there’ story unfolding in our lives, she focuses her stewardship on programs giving people a leg up to reach their potential. She is on local boards with St. Vincent Hospital and Elevate Indianapolis. She is involved with the International Ministry YWAM, Homes of Hope, San Diego/Baja. And Marcia is responsible for the Super Service Challenge nationwide. SSC helps people understand and experience the importance of serving others in a healthy and successful life.

Marcia has four sons: RJ, Ryan, Jake and James. She lives in Indianapolis and enjoys reading, golf and running.