Russ Crosson · Truth at Work
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Russ Crosson

Chief Mission Officer | Ronald Blue Trust

Russ Crosson is Executive Vice President and Chief Mission Officer of Ronald Blue Trust and Executive Vice Chairman of the board of directors for Thrivent Trust Company. Russ serves as chief advocate for the heart and soul of the organization and works to ensure the mission of the company is carried out with integrity in every area of the organization with a focus on making sure the company’s mission is passed down and inculcated into future generations. Prior to his current position, Russ served as President & CEO of Ronald Blue & Co. from 2002 to 2017. He was hired by Ron Blue in 1980 as the second employee of Ronald Blue & Co. He has worked extensively in all areas of financial planning – specializing in comprehensive financial, estate and philanthropic planning, as well as generational family wealth management and transfer. From 1999 – 2002, Russ served as Executive Director of the National Christian Foundation. Russ graduated from Kansas State University with a BS in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Education. Russ is the author of several books including Your Life…Well Spent, The Truth About Money Lies, and What Makes a Leader Great. He has also been a featured speaker in many venues including Promise Keepers, Issachar Summit, and America’s Best Hope.