Chapter President Qualification

Thank you for taking time to register for the Truth At Work Chapter President leadership opportunity.


Below you will find two videos that will help answer some of the key questions a person might ask when evaluating becoming a Chapter President.


The first video by Dave Holly, CEO of Truth At Work, will discuss the investment required to become a Chapter President, as well as the support and infrastructure that Truth At Work provides all along the way to aid in the success of each Chapter President.


The second video by Ray Hilbert, Co-Founder of Truth At Work, will cover the Traits of a Successful Chapter President. Ray will also provide practical insight on effective methods for building a round table group.

1. Investments, Systems, and Supports

2. Traits of a Successful Chapter President

Thank you for investing time to watch the videos. Watching both videos in advance of our call will allow us to focus our conversation on answering any questions you may have.


To schedule a call, please click the calendar link below and choose any time convenient for you.


I look forward to connecting soon,


Mark Clevenger

Chapter President Director