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Leading Passionately for the Glory of God with Andy Coats

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Andy Coats graduated Livingston University (now the University of West Alabama) in 1973 with a BS degree in Social Sciences and a minor in Sociology. He is currently a member of the Society of the Golden Key University of West Alabama which is composed of Distinguished Alumni of the University.

In 1973, Andy began a start-up company as a division of an established wholesale distributor in Birmingham, Alabama. After selling that company, he launched his second start-up company, Occupational Health Dynamics, which focuses on sales and service of “high-end” industrial hygiene and occupational health instrumentation and software. Andy recently sold Occupational Health Dynamics, however, he continues to stay involved with the company as a consultant.

Andy and his wife Katharine have been married for 25 years. They have four daughters, one son, two son-in-laws, and four grandchildren. Andy’s hobbies include reading, hunting, fishing, and playing golf.

6:37– The early days of the start-up company
8:23– My background and testamony
11:41– How has your faith shaped and influenced the way you’ve done business?
14:42– A piece of encouragement
17:48– What is one major faliure you’ve made as you look back over your life and career? And what did God teach you through that mistake?
21:47– Investing in the next generation of leaders
25:13– A word of encouragement
27:33– The 4:23 question

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